Umair Abid

About me

I've worked as a software engineer since 2012, driven by my genuine passion for programming and my fascination with computers. I began my journey as a self-taught programmer in a smaller company, fueled by my enthusiasm for the field. Over time, my career evolved, and it gradually transformed into not only a way to follow my passion but also a means to fulfill my broader life purpose – using technology to enhance people's lives.

In my professional endeavors, I've consistently leaned toward principles and remained unbiased when it comes to tools and technologies. This approach enables me to grasp problems on an abstract level, break them down to their fundamental components, and then solve them using the most suitable tools. This adaptability has been advantageous in roles where I translate business challenges into technical solutions.

I specialize in and hold a strong interest in the following areas:

Designing solutions and architectures

One of my strengths and true passions lies in defining entities and their relationships, dissecting intricate issues into smaller components, creating effective communication pathways among various elements, and establishing streamlined workflows.


While not in the conventional sense of "hacking," I possess a knack for dissecting issues given some context, identifying the root cause, and resolving them regardless of the technology stack. This skill has enabled me to rescue multiple projects from challenging situations and swiftly transition to new technologies and environments.

Writing Beautiful Code

I'm fueled by curiosity when something isn't functioning as expected, and I derive immense satisfaction when I finally make it work. I am well-versed in producing clean, secure, and maintainable code using languages like Javascript, Ruby, PHP, and C#. My coding practices adhere to industry conventions and best practices. Additionally, I'm proficient in crafting interfaces using HTML and CSS, utilizing various preprocessors.

Collaborative mindset

I firmly believe in the power of collective success, prioritizing it over individual accomplishments. Throughout my career, I've collaborated with diverse global teams, benefiting from their varied cultural perspectives and backgrounds. This experience equips me to contribute effectively to any team, regardless of its location or composition.